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About the Dr.Li (Herbal & Massage)

* Fully Legitimate. Actively registered with the council.


* Standardized & Regulated. As a member of ATCM. 


* Since 1992, over 29 years of practice and experience.

Professionally & Successfully treated thousands of patient in Sheffield and the UK through the last decade.

Through the method of 

* Painless Acupuncture Therapy; 


​* Herbal Dietary  Therapy;


* Medical Massage;

* Moxibustion;

* Reflexology;

* Gua sha or Cupping Treatment.

Dr.LI is a Professional Chinese massage, herbal medicine doctor in Sheffield
  • B.App.SC (Chinese Medicine)

  • Studies & Graduate at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

  • Researcher of Institution of Chineseacupuncture Research Unit.

  •  Apprentice & Successor of Professor FF. Lau & Professor SC. Zang


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