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Expertise of  Dr Li for treating

Initial Consultation:
Tongue Evaluation; Pulse Diagnostics; Acupuncture treatment; Medical Massage; Herbal Recommendations as appropriate; Cupping or Gua Sha Recommendations as appropriate; Plan for course of treatment; Educational materials.
​* Neck / shoulder / waist / leg (joints) pain related problems.
* Sports injuries / arthritis / spinerelated problems.
* Acute / chronic soft tissue twist contusion related problems.
* Pollen / Skin related problems.
* Improve immunity / viscera / gastrointestinal related problems.
* Tiredness / sleep quality / headache / depression related problems.
* Male disease / circulation system / Infertility related problems.
* Menopausal syndrome / weight loss / detox related problems.
* Painless acupuncture treatment
Price £27.00 per 30 minute portion

* Medical massage
Price £26.00 per 30 minute session *

foot massage
Price £30.00 per 30 minute portion

* Moxibustion
Price £30.00 per 30 minute session *

Gua sha or cupping therapy
Price £18.00 per 30 minute portion

* Herbal diet therapy
Free diagnosis, herbal medicine prices
Depends on the combination.
Sheffield Chinese Acupuncture


I have tried several acupuncturists and tai nah in the past 20 years and I say honestly that this chap is the best. His acupuncture was the most pain-free and I got the impression that he knew and thought well about how to treat various conditions because rather than going for standard points he seemed to target the root of certain problems I'd had for years with amazing results. An inspired practitioner perhaps... 
His tai nah, though not painful, was unusually deep. I felt this was excellent value for money. Also, he is of integrous character, tested by the time I mistakenly tried to overpay and the time I left my jewelry at his practice. My only warning is that his practice may be chilly in the winter for which reason I would ask that Dr Li relocates his business to Totnes in Devon where it is warmer and where, having relocated here myself, I have been unable to find such an experienced treasure in this field. Please move to Devon, Dr Li!



Georgie Golden





The massage was not only extremely enjoyable, relaxing and stress-relieving, but clearly therapeutic. Dr. Li rapidly picked up on my weak areas (which many therapists have missed) and uses effective techniques to release blockages and relieve tension. It felt very detoxifying and dramatically improved my flow of energy.


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